HQNFTswill be contributing to the Historic launch of the Lunaprise Museum to the Moon

In February 2024, an unprecedented mission will mark a significant milestone in the intersection of art and space exploration.

Space Blue , in collaboration with it partners, is set to launch the ground breaking historic Lunaprise Mission, carrying the works of 222 artists to the moon. This diverse group represents the history of humanity and includes 44 NFT artists from this generation.

Categories include 100 of the world's greatest Fine Art Masters, Priceless Collectibles, Film, Music, Digital Art, and artifacts of Art History. All of which will be immortalized on the lunar surface within the Lunaprise Museum.

The Museum will hold both 1:1 physical engraved twin duplicates of the NFT art found on Earth and their digital counterparts, including animations and MP3 music files. Ensuring that the legacy of human creativity, encapsulating both our past and present, will endure in space for over a billion years.,

HQNFTs is excited to contribute to this mission with our innovative no-code zero-proof technology, which has been instrumental in supporting several of the artwork collections set for launch. HQNFTs will be in attendance to witness the historic event in Q1-2024 at Elon Musk's SpaceX Launch and the Kennedy Space Centre.

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