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HQNFTs has partnered with Scott Page (Think Exp), NFTToday, and the artist Ori Bengal to bring together an iconic and once in a life time NFT collection, due to be launched 2023. Legendary performer, musician and entrepreneur Scott Page will take part in Rock'n'Roll history and be sent to the dark side of the moon! Best known for his saxophone and guitar work with Pink Floyd, SuperTramp, and Toto, Scott is an active Web3 and NFT evangelist. Celebrate as we set the controls for the heart of the sun, let slip the bonds of Earth, and ascend on our moonward journey as we launch a rocket whose payload consists of an indestructible drive featuring physical and digital artworks.

This exclusive collection has been created by the artist TheArtofOri as part of his portfolio which is being sent to the Moon on a SpaceX rocket in 2023.

Ori has created NFT collections for the legendary rapper Snoop Dog and for other icons including Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation.

NFT-TodayThink:Expthe art of ori